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Industrial Powder Coating

We know that business presents you many challenges every day. A fast-paced, changing environment creates situations where parts are needed yesterday. We’re here to help you deliver on time –– with the added benefit of ensuring quality standards being consistently met.

At Enviro-Tech Powder Coating, our first priority is to simplify your life with a friendly environment, 5-day turnaround time, and intensive quality control measures. Our 5 stage pre-treatment system with final R/O rinse, proprietary processes and systems are designed to ensure that your parts are done right, on time, every time, making your life a little easier. You make it, We bake it!

Some of the reasons people chose Enviro-Tech Powder Coating for their Agricultural powder coating needs:

  • 5 day turnaround time on all in stock powders
  • Proprietary ISO CERTIFIED Quality Control System that virtually eliminates quality related problems
  • One of the most comprehensive powder coating facilities in Manitoba that can handle parts 1″ to 20′ long
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